Why China is a hotbed for life science investment


Life science companies are flocking to China, pursuing investment opportunities and the chance to take their business to the next level. As more and more companies seek out global investors, discover how China is fast becoming a hotbed for nurturing life science investment. 

AusBiotech has developed relationships with a number of major Chinese investment groups and they are seeking opportunities to invest and collaborate with Australian technology companies. In March 2017, AusBiotech will host its Asian Investment Series, consolidating these relationships and fostering new ones between investor and life science companies. 


Five reasons to partner with China


1. Asia’s number one biopharma cluster

Considered Asia's leading cluster for biopharma, China leads the way for R&D spending, companies, jobs and venture capital. Its government has dedicated considerable sums of money and the industry has benefited from an inflow of big pharma companies, which has encouraged domestic drug and diagnostic development. 

2. The China market is strong – and growing

China is one of the largest pharmaceutical markets globally and is outpacing the growth of Western life science markets. Its projected average market growth is between 15% and 18% – outpacing even the US and Canada.

3. Life science is China’s priority

Biopharma and advanced medical devices have been listed as priority sectors by the Chinese government. The industry is in the midst of major healthcare reforms to reduce costs and improve product quality.

4. More than 300 investors dedicated to the life sciences

China is home to around 300 venture capital and private equity investors who fund life science companies. With more than US$7 billion has been invested since 2009, life science companies can easily access early-stage risk capital in China, which is essential for surviving the notorious 'valley of death'.

5. Chinese investors are looking for foreign investment opportunities

The Chinese government is encouraging its investors to seek out foreign investment opportunities, with particular emphasis placed on early-stage biotechnology ventures. 

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